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  Soaring  Hawk  Jewelry  by  Harley  Cline

Sold  at  Bob's  Bargain  Center

Located  at Heritage  Lake  Garden

Harley  is  a  Local  Heritage  Lake  Artisan  and a Native  American  Cherokee

All  Necklaces  $29 &  Bracelets $14   

 Necklaces  are Approx 18 to 21 in Long  and Pendants are Approx 2 in in length



               Large Cross                      Large Thunder Bird               Large  Arrowhead             Large  Tooth


               Buffalo  Teeth                         Butterfly                       Dbl Cross w Bracelet                   Eagle


                  Indian  Shield                 Small  Arrowhead                  Onyx  Fish                         Horse  Collar


             Silver  Squirrel                  Silver Cross / Turquoise            Small  Fish                    Coins / Turquoise 


            Small Cross Bracelet



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